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Exciting news from Di Zhao Flutes!

Now Di Zhao offers a truly complete line of flutes of the finest quality craftsmanship.

The much anticipated handmade solid silver or 14K gold professional flutes are available, each crafted by Di Zhao in his Boston flute shop. Like all Di Zhao flutes, his professional flutes are made with extreme care and feature a pinless mechanism for an even, fluid, and extremely rapid action. Offered with drawn or soldered tone holes, all flutes have hand cut headjoints with overcuts and undercuts that produce a rich full sound in all registers with enormous dynamic range.

The Di Zhao professional flute models include the DZ handmade Silver DTH with drawn tone holes, The DZ handmade Silver STH with soldered tone holes, and the DZ handmade Gold STH offered in 14K gold with solid silver mechanism. Please see the Di Zhao models page for pricing and order information.

Additionally, Di is also making a complete line of alto, vertical bass, traditional bass, and contra bass flutes.

Di Zhao lower pitched flutes are silver plated for cost effectiveness and produce a rich sound with an exceptionally accurate intonation and effortless projection.

For more details information about ordering your Di Zhao flute please contact me via the contact page.

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